The Ritual of Mehr
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The Ritual of Mehr
Energise Body, Mind & Soul

Inspired by Mehr, the sun, our latest home & body collection boosts your mood, energises your soul and supports you in the flurry of this modern-day world. The Ritual of Mehr celebrates the joy that comes from the bold, bright energy of the sun, helping you direct that vitality into your life.

Invigorate Body, Mind & Soul

Get energised in 4 steps


With energising sweet orange and cedar wood, bring forth your happiness like a ray of sunshine.


Infused with mood-enhancing sweet orange and cedar wood, every product in the home and body collection will infuse your soul with happiness.


The zesty, spicy, fresh yet sweet fragrance of Sweet Orange boosts your mood and energy levels.


The oil derived from the majestic cedar tree is known to help soothe the body and mind. This pure, aromatic essential oil of cedar has a stimulating woody fragrance, which helps to brighten and energise your soul.

A Happy Home
Infuse your surroundings with The Ritual of Mehr interior spray and bring an instant happy feel to your home.
Home Perfume
SAR 170.00
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